Global trade compliance comes with time-consuming processes – documentation procedures, multiple vendors to oversee, numerous trade regulations to track. In a competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to lose time and money slowed by compliance hurdles – especially when it comes to customs clearance.

Let FDA Group make customs clearance easier for you. Our seasoned customs clearance and compliance experts can help speed your product to market, keep shipping costs in check and remove the hurdles – and hassles — that come with customs issues.

Customs clearance leadership is just one-way FDA Group adds value to our customers’ supply chain. With a range of end-to-end logistics solutions, FDA Group can customize global transportation services to ensure your shipments reach their destination quickly, smoothly and as planned.

FDA Group cargo insurance is vital to any business looking to protect shipments and ensure successful freight forwarding efforts. Protecting your interests and making your supply chain as complete and worry-free as possible is very important to us and international cargo insurance help us do that. Uninsured, unexpected disasters are one of the greatest threats to your business. Global trading involves risks, but good insurance eliminates the unwanted hassle. Do not leave your livelihood up to chance — statistics show that one ship sinks each year and that you will experience a General Average* loss every eight years.
If you are depending on the carrier to cover losses, their responsibility is limited by law as follows:

FDA Group is proud to arrange All Risk warehouse to warehouse coverage. All Risk warehouse to warehouse coverage is competitively priced and insures approved merchandise against all risks of physical loss or damage from external causes.

By purchasing cargo insurance through FDA Group , you can avoid inconvenience and frustration. All Risk Cargo Insurance costs approximately 0.5% -1% of the value of your shipment.


  • Most carriers are not responsible for losses that are unforeseeable and beyond their control, such as fires, lightning, un-seaworthiness of vessels, collisions, criminal acts or negligence.
  • National and international treaty restrictions limit ocean carriers’ liability to $500 per package or customary shipping unit.
  • On average, a ship sinks every day and a shipper experiences a General Average loss every 8 years.
  • The Maritime Law of General Average means that even if your cargo is not lost or damaged, cargo owners must pay proportionally for any cargo intentionally or unintentionally thrown overboard, any damage sustained to the vessel, and any expenses incurred to save the ship and its crew when in danger.
  • General Average may be declared by the captain and requires you to post a cash bond before receiving your cargo — even when your cargo is not damaged or destroyed.
  • A General Average claim may take years to finalize.

Feeder services are a vital link in the multi-modal network of shipping, enabling to connect containers from the ports in the hinterland, with hub ports. FDA Group represents as agents, some of the reputed Feeder Operators to deliver to key transshipments around the world.

The service is fully operational and manned by a professional team familiar with ocean carriers transshipment operations. This ensures that clients get an efficient and quick response to their needs.

FDA Group  has an impressive track record of successfully identifying, introducing and representing as an agent, some of the world's most reputed container carriers in the Indian market.

The responsibility of this function in the Group rests with the liner agency divisions and its companies, which efficiently handle and manage a complex set of weekly services across ports and inland container locations in India.

FDA Group offers a highly professional port marketing and representation service for global ports in Iran. With years' of experience in the shipping business,FDA Group has created an excellent network of contacts with liner owners/operators, logistics companies, port authorities and terminal operators. It also have a very in depth knowledge of cargo routings.

All this, helps Samsara understand the business better and consequently market and promote gateway ports in a professional manner to the Export Import fraternity that drive business to these ports.

FDA Group also facilitates port to port exchange programs, organizes trade meetings and creates liaison offices and representation in Iran.

Recently, the cargo transport market has been impacted by the adverse effects of external forces. Nevertheless, road cargo transportation has kept its leading positions in the segment. High volumes of freight transportation by road are caused by several factors.

Trucks can make efficient deliveries 24 hours a day regardless of airport, railway, and port operating schedules. Truck usage allows flexible routing and cargo tracing with data from modern GPS navigation systems .

In case of short-distance goods delivery, transportation by trucks minimizes financial costs. FDA helps its Clients enjoy all the advantages of intercity and international road freight transportation. For over 20 years our specialists have developed optimal routes in Europe, the Baltics, the Balkans and Central Asia. They take into consideration the individual needs of Clients and provide transportation in strict conformity with agreed terms at the best prices. Due to cooperation with large transport companies we can offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service quality.

Our experienced staff organize global international air cargo shipping for a wide range of cargoes including perishables and dangerous goods. We select optimal routes based on your individual needs.

Our agreements with international airlines and airport cargo terminals help us provide industry-leading services at competitive prices for every stage of the transport process.

Transportation of cargo by air remains in great demand due to fast delivery times, broad geographical reach, and minimal fraud risks. FDA  helps its Clients enjoy all the advantages of air freight shipping. Our employees analyze Clients’ needs and cargo characteristics, identify ideal shipping routes, and estimate cargo airfreight costs.

FDA organizes the transportation of any goods in strict conformity with agreed timeframes and shipment destination. Thanks to close cooperation with international airlines we offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service quality.